Specialty Foundations Equipment

Kiewit has one of the largest fleets of construction equipment in North America. Kiewit Foundations has stayed at the forefront of the latest specialized foundations equipment to provide an extensive inventory of equipment for every project need. With a strong local presence, we can quickly and conveniently mobilize equipment for any project. Here are just a few of the specialized equipment that we utilize.

Top Drive Rotary Rigs

  • Liebherr LB-44
  • Liebherr LB-36
  • Liebherr LB-28
  • IMT AF-250
  • IMT AF-270
  • Bauer BG-24
  • LoDrill DH60


  • Spherical Grabs & Clambshells (Various Sizes)
  • Soils & Rock Augers (Various Sizes)
  • Cleanout Buckets & Core Barrels (Various Diameters)
  • Continuous Flight Auger Setup – Liebherr LB44
  • Continuous Flight Auger Setup – Casagrande B300 & B175
  • Cluster Drills (Various Diameters)
  • Center Rock Reverse Circulation Hammer
  • Segmental Casings (Various Diameters)

Ground Improvement Equipment

  • McMillan Non-Vibration Stone Column Setup (Casagrande B300 & B175)
  • Bauer TR 75 VibroFlo
  • Betterground BG Vibroflo
  • Pierce Pacific LR 11/105 Long Stick
  • TEC Cutter Soil Mixing


  • Liebherr 855 HD Crawler
  • Liebherr 885 HD Crawler
  • Liebherr 895 HD Crawler
  • Liebherr LTR 1100 Crawler
  • Mantis 9010 Hydraulic Crawler


  • Leffer VRM 2500
  • Leffer VRM 250 KL

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