In order to mitigate climate change while meeting the growing needs of a booming global population, energy developers and providers are looking to sustainable resources for energy generation. Through increased use of renewables, biofuels and new technologies, the release of carbon dioxide and other pollutants is minimized or eliminated, safeguarding our planet for future generations. Kiewit, by leveraging our experience and innovative mindset in the power and oil, gas and chemical industries, is helping to design and build the energy projects of the future.

Today, Kiewit is providing engineering and construction services for alternative and renewable energy and fuels as well as carbon capture projects. Our recent experience includes wind turbines, power transmission networks that deliver renewable electricity, hydrogen production facilities, and the largest carbon capture and sequestration facility in the United States.

We offer our clients flexibility and scalability in project delivery methods, up to full EPC delivery. Our technology-neutral approach is designed to accommodate any set of circumstances and quickly adapt to technology innovations. Whether you’re a developer, oil and energy company, independent power producer (IPP) or utility, Kiewit is ready to provide the best solution for your specific needs.