Honolulu Maintenance and Storage Facility Honolulu Maintenance and Storage Facility

Honolulu Maintenance and Storage Facility

Honolulu, Hawaii

This Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) for Honolulu’s rail transit system is a four-building facility for operations and maintenance of the automated trains.

The first building is a 144,000 SF operations and servicing building divided into two primary areas. The first primary area is for warehousing and offices, including the operations control center, from which the whole system is managed and is supported by closed-circuit security cameras and attendants on each train and at each station. The second primary area of the building houses the main maintenance facility for the system. It has four train tracks running through it.

The second building is the 40,000 SF Maintenance of Way (MOW) building, which serves as the maintenance facility for the rails themselves and the rest of the line. It provides equipment storage, and it houses a carpenter shop, a metal shop and an electrical shop. It also provides offices and maintenance areas for equipment used to maintain the main line track operations. The third building houses a 21,000 SF wheel truing facility, where trains drive into the building, the cars are raised and centered, and then lathes re-shape the flanged metal wheels back to true round. The fourth building is the 19,000 SF train wash facility. It is fully automated and works much like a familiar automotive car wash. Train cars are washed as they pass through at two-three miles per hour.

Four buildings totaling over 200,000 SF to serve as the sole and primary maintenance facility for the 20-mile light rail system.