Wastewater Treatment and
Biosolids Management

Precise, Reliable Solutions for Community Success

Wastewater treatment utilities face several key challenges on their mission to protect public and environmental health. Energy consumption, plant optimization and regulatory compliance compounded by the presence of emerging contaminants are chief among them. For decades, Kiewit has delivered reliable solutions to the complex issues facing wastewater treatment facilities. Our jobs are done right the first time thanks to our deep expertise and in-house resources who deliver all facets of a project with transparency and simplicity for our clients.

Predictable Excellence in Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment projects are often foundational for any community, and when they flip the switch, they want no surprises. At Kiewit, our laser-focused execution, quality and commissioning work generates projects that work exactly as you envision.

Sustainable Biosolids Management Solutions

A key component of wastewater treatment is biosolids handling. This unavoidable aspect often challenges many utilities. Kiewit offers industry-leading biosolids management solutions to make the process more effective and efficient.

Anaerobic Digestion

Franklin WRF Modifications and Expansion

This critical first step in biosolids treatment, with optimized operation and configuration, can produce enough biogas for use as an alternative energy source. Our experts can help you maximize your biogas production.


Franklin WRF Modifications and Expansion

Several dewatering methods and process efficiencies are available to reduce sludge volume and ultimately enable sustainable recycling back into the community. Let our experts help you find the best approach.


RM Clayton

Drying further reduces sludge volume and improves stability of the biosolids, thus increasing their versatility for other renewable applications. We can also leverage our industry experience to identify  sustainable options for  waste heat recovery.

Over the past 70-plus years, Kiewit has delivered over 600 wastewater and biosolids projects, valued at more than $12 billion, in 38 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces.

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