Shell Appomattox Living Quarters Shell Appomattox Living Quarters

Shell Appomattox Living Quarters

Ingleside, Texas

The Appomattox Living Quarters module was constructed and outfitted in our Kiewit Fabrication Yard located in Ingleside, TX. The Appomattox Living Quarters consists of 46,337 SF which can house up to 180 people. This facility includes the main control center for the entire platform, medical facilities, electrical rooms, helideck with parking, warehouse support, over 40 office spaces, gym space, main galley area, and recreational areas for crews to enjoy. Upon its completion, the module was integrated and relocated 40 miles South of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico for permanent operation. Building complicated modules such as this requires extreme collaboration and effort from both the design firm and the contractor. This project consisted of a Design-Assist partnership between our client and their sub-consultants. Starting in the Fall of 2013, we had members from our construction team traveling weekly to various design team locations to assist with the up-front planning and constructibility of this complex project.

This collaboration effort continued for 14 months until the project kicked off in the Summer of 2015. The Appomattox Living Quarters achieved completion in October of 2017.