Raglan Mines Raglan Mines Raglan Mines Raglan Mines Raglan Mines

Raglan Mines

Deception Bay, Québec

The Raglan mine is in one of the world’s most important nickel sulphide deposits. It is located in Nunavik, at the northern part of Québec, in the vast peninsula of Ungava Bay, approximately 1,800 kilometres north of Montreal.

Kiewit-Nuvumiut was created as a joint venture between Kiewit and Nuvumiut Development Corporation (an Inuit Company) for the open-pit mining contract. K/N started its work at Raglan in 1995 for the construction of the mine’s infrastructures. Since then, K/N has adapted to meet the owner’s requirements and has been renewing its confidence through several contracts.

Kiewit is currently under operation on its latest contract through 2024. The main activities of K/N at the Raglan site are open-pit mining; transport of ore to the process plant; quarries; and the crushing of the different sized aggregates that are used for the construction of roads and pads.

Our fleet of more than 200 pieces of equipment moves an average of 2 million MT of materials per year (sterile waste, acid-generating waste, and ore) and crushing over 300,000 MT of different materials. This makes K/N the biggest contractor on-site for Glencore.