Marsh Landing Generating Station Marsh Landing Generating Station

Marsh Landing Generating Station

Contra Costa County, California

Kiewit engineered, procured and constructed this 800-megawatt natural gas power plant. The facility supplies power to more than 650,000 homes and replaced two 1960s-era units, resulting in a gain of nearly 50 megawatts of capacity with a fraction of the environmental impacts.

The turbines operate with ultra-low nitrogen oxides (NOx) combustors, and the selective catalytic reduction system further reduces the NOx emissions. An oxidation catalyst system is also used to reduce carbon monoxide and other organic compound emissions.

The facility uses an air-cooling system that requires a minimal amount of river water for cooling or processing water, resulting in a 99.99 percent decrease in water use, helping the facility’s ability to meet California’s strict environmental standards. Kiewit also built a new LEED certified administration building and a six-position 230-kilovolt radial bus with two associated transmission lines.

One million manhours completed on-time, on-budget and with zero injuries.