Lackawanna Energy Center Lackawanna Energy Center Lackawanna Energy Center

Lackawanna Energy Center

Jessup, Pennsylvania

Kiewit engineered, procured and constructed this 1,485-megawatt natural gas plant. The plant comprises three power islands, each consisting of a single-shaft combined-cycle configuration. Each power island is equipped with one GE 7HA.02 gas turbine and a heat recovery steam generator. All three islands share the same cooling, air and auxiliary steam systems to complete the facility’s operations. The energy center has the capacity to power more than one million homes.

Construction sequencing involved a tiered turnover with each unit starting two to three months apart using common balance of plant systems. Because of the staggered turnover dates, Kiewit was able to take lessons learned from the first unit and improve performance on the other units. All three units were completed ahead of schedule by at least two months and the facility received substantial completion two months ahead of schedule.

The Lackawanna Energy Center is one of the largest natural gas-fired plants in the United States and the largest in Pennsylvania.