I-95 Cocoa Beach Widening and Rehabilitation

I-95 Cocoa Beach Widening and Rehabilitation

Cocoa Beach, Florida

The I-95 project widened 10 miles of I-95 four-lane interstate highway to six-lanes interstate highway in Brevard County, Florida. Taking advantage of the design-build delivery method, the team developed a concept to limit impacts to wetland areas adjacent to the project, involving intricate MOT scheme including more than 1500 lane closures on mainline I-95.

This fast paced project was completed nearly 5 months ahead of schedule. There were four mainline bridges which were widened while traffic was maintained both on top and on the intersecting roadways below, including rehabilitation to the bridge spanning over the I-95 corridor. Paving, milling and earthmoving equipment were operated under machine control with data provided directly from the 3D design model in an effort to eliminate human error and deliver intelligent coordinates to the field in a timely manner.
Work included asphalt paving, concrete paving, improving median drainage, widening three bridges, constructing noise walls, modifying Intelligent Transportation Systems, and installing a median barrier wall. The project also included installation of fiber optic and electrical line conduit for the ITS system which required directional bore tunneling under the canal adjacent to the south bound lanes.

Kiewit self-produced the Portland concrete cement for approximately 375,000 square yards of 13-inch-thick concrete pavement. Crews installed 50,000 linear feet of median storm drainpipe and as 174,000 linear feet of permeable underdrain beneath the concrete pavement. The team excavated an excess of 585,000 cubic yards along with 435,000 square yards of stabilization and 280,000 square yards of optional base.

Kiewit’s solution provided cost and schedule benefits by widening the road inside and closing up the median with a concrete barrier wall. This approach increased safety and reduced maintenance costs while mitigating the impact on the wetlands. The closed median allowed designers to eliminate bridge reconstruction for the ramp lanes at the Fiske Boulevard interchange. Once completed, traffic will be redirected to the new roadway lanes, and the team will complete the final phase.