I-225 Light Rail Corridor I-225 Light Rail Corridor I-225 Light Rail Corridor I-225 Light Rail Corridor

I-225 Light Rail Corridor

Aurora, Colorado

The I-225 Rail Line is a $350 million project to design and build 10.5 miles of light rail line in Denver and Aurora, Colorado. The line will connect RTD’s Nine Mile Station, built by Kiewit as part of the T-REX project, with the planned Peoria/Smith Station.

The project is being constructed in a congested urban area with significant utility conflicts, traffic handling/phasing requirements, and intense coordination with adjacent contractors, local governments, and businesses. The project scope includes:

  • Eight light rail stations, including platforms and canopies, and an above-grade station over Colfax Avenue.
  • The Kiewit team is responsible for the acquisition of 128 right-of-way parcels, including appraisals, RTD approvals, and negotiations.
  • Eight structures, including a pre-fabricated steel pedestrian bridge over I-225, and a 285-ft. long bridge over Mississippi Avenue, which was approved as an alternative technical concept during the proposal phase.
  • Maximize commitment to local companies by exceeding the 25% requirement for SBE and 8% of RTD’s Workforce Initiative Now (WIN) program, which is a program intended to address the unemployed and underemployed in the Denver community.