High Performance Computer Center (HPCC) 2 High Performance Computer Center (HPCC) 2

High Performance Computer Center (HPCC) 2

Fort Meade, Maryland

PTN-24649 comprises approximately 570,000 SF of a mission-critical, high-performance computing center with 36-inch raised access flooring and additional related technical support and administrative space. The design split the technical load into multiple data center halls. Required ancillary infrastructure includes water storage, chiller plant, fire suppression, extensive electrical generator/UPS backup capacity, Supervisory Control and SATA Acquisition (SCADA), Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS), and a new primary utility substation. The facility also has TEMPEST and HEMP protection measures.

Supporting facilities include fuel storage, thermal water storage, a 30,000-ton chiller plant, fire suppression systems (including 21MW electrical generator and UPS back up capacity), SCADA, EMCS and a new 160 MVA primary utility substation. A complete perimeter security system was installed, with a 300 foot setback from a K-12 fence.
By managing an aggressive schedule from design through construction, our Design-Build team completed the entire project in two and a half years.

Close coordination between the design and construction teams developed many innovations that accelerated construction while meeting the end user’s high expectations. Our team integrated subcontractors that specialized in design, fabrication, and installation of mechanical and electrical systems. Our specialized subcontractor teams added innovations such as prefabrication of sheet metal, piping, plumbing, and process piping at state-of-the art facilities in a controlled environment, producing quality superior to work installed in the field. Kiewit looked for opportunities to prefabricate assemblies and systems whenever possible. Coupled with in-house shipping, Kiewit delivered materials to the site when needed for installation, thus eliminating excess jobsite storage.

The overall objective was to give our clients a higher quality product that exceeds their expectations.