Hamilton Library Phase II Hamilton Library Phase II

Hamilton Library Phase II

Honolulu, Hawaii

The Hamilton Library project involved the removal and replacement of the HVAC equipment and controls on all five floors of the Hamilton Library Phase II, totaling 131,000 SF. Strict project phasing was required, as the library remained in operation during renovation. The Hamilton Library houses a large collection of books that could not be subject to adverse conditions of high or unstable temperature or relative humidity, dust, theft, or damage.

Kiewit coordinated all book relocation and sealing of books that couldn’t be moved with the University and Library. The scope of the work consisted of removal and replacement of 10 air handling units, ductwork, chilled water piping, and related accessories. Scope also included the removal/replacement of two supply fans and one exhaust fan. Kiewit provided new electronic controls connected to the existing EMCS. Work included book relocation and protection, selective demolition, concrete, structural steel, metal fabrications, elastomeric non-slip coating, fluid applied roof system, flashing and sheet metal, sealants and caulking, metal support systems, acoustical spray insulation, gypsum board, acoustical suspended ceilings, painting, removal and disposal of paint, removal and disposal of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) and mercury, hiring of a third party air monitoring contractor, general mechanical requirements, insulation of mechanical systems, chilled water and condensate piping, air conditioning and ventilation, ductwork and ductwork accessories, direct digital control system, testing and balancing air and water systems, electrical work, lighting refurbishment, and other miscellaneous related work.

Preservation of all books was a priority on this project.