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DFW Connector FM 249

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas

In March 2009 the Texas Department of Transportation awarded the DFW Connector contract to a Kiewit-led joint venture. The $1.02 billion project scope included the development, design and construction of the 8.4-mile initial phase of the ultimate 14.4-mile project. The DFW Connector widened State Highways 114 and 121 which sit at the intersection of the area’s four most populous counties.

The project will reduce congestion at the confluence of two of the area’s most heavily traveled highways, and ease access into DFW International Airport. These improvements will enhance mobility and air quality through expanded roadway capacity, toll-managed lanes and continuous frontage roads. Mobility enhancements within the project limits include highway, bridge, drainage and intelligent transportation system upgrades. Crews will rebuild portions of four highways, two interchanges and five bridges, ultimately doubling the capacity of the existing highway corridor.

The DFW connector consists of up to 14 main lanes and four toll-managed lanes on SH 114 as well as new frontage roads and ramps. Four miles of toll-managed lanes feature dynamic pricing to keep traffic flowing at least 50 miles per hour. Continuous frontage roads will be built alongside both westbound and eastbound SH 114 between William D. Tate and Northwest Highway. New direct-connect ramps were built from northbound SH 121 to westbound SH 114 as well as from eastbound SH 114 to southbound SH 121, replacing the current surface street connection. At the widest point alongside SH 114, between Texan Trail and International Parkway, the highway is 24 lanes wide.