New Crossfield Taxiway U

Project Overview

The New Crossfield Taxiway U project will include all work related to the taxiway, subsequent roadway and utility relocations and enabling work to clear the site and relocate or modify existing facilities and infrastructure impacted by the project. A portion of the project will be eligible for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant reimbursement involving the taxiway and required modifications to install the airfield structure. The main enabling and primary scope elements of the project include modifications to the existing Facilities and Services (F&S) Complex, ramp and building air cargo modifications, roadway modifications, taxiway structure and airfield work, and utility modifications.


This project will utilize federal funds and is subject to the requirements of 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 26 and the U.S. Department of Transportation DBE Program. DBE and SBE participation will be highly encouraged.

Scope of Work

Further definition of the project scopes are as follows:

  1. Facilities and Services Complex – Taxiway U will impact a portion of the existing F&S yard and parking portion of the Complex. This scope is required to begin Taxiway U construction and includes only the relocation of the parking area and yard space directly impacted by the taxiway. F&S Complex will remain in place and operational for this project with a modification to reallocate yard and parking space.
  2. West Air Cargo Modifications – The project will directly impact Cargo Building C and the surrounding airside and landside cargo operations. This scope is required to accommodate taxiway construction and includes, but may not be limited to the following key scope items:
    1. Demolition of a portion of Cargo Building C, and modification to multiple remaining bays to accommodate relocation of facilities and operational elements within the demolished bays.
    2. Modification to existing site paving and grading on the north side of Cargo Building A to create raised docks that can accommodate updated access and level loading and unloading platforms for trucks.
    3. Modification and partial relocation to landside employee parking lot and Cargo Building C truck turn-around area.
    4. Airside modifications to create new aircraft parking spaces east of Cargo Building A.
    5. Airside modifications to create a new Ground Service Equipment (GSE) storage area just northeast of Cargo Building A to support cargo operations.
    6. Elimination or relocation of the Cardinals lot to accommodate displaced cargo GSE.
    7. Airside fence relocations and modifications to accommodate airside changes, including new access gates to cargo buildings.
    8. Relocation of Arizona Public Service feeds and gear serving Cargo Building C.
    9. Modification to the current cargo truck turn-around and dock access at Cargo Building C.
    10. Build out of Cargo Building D (Prior T2 EDS Building) for cargo storage tenants displaced from Cargo Building A
  3. Roadway Modifications – Roadway modifications assume reconstruction will be done to accommodate Taxiway U and the future Taxiway V to eliminate the need for significant future roadway modifications for the eventual future construction of Taxiway V. The roadways will be crossed with a single continuous bridge structure for each taxiway that accommodates the roadway widths needed as well as space for utility corridors and incident management along the roadway shoulders. The roadway alignments are planned to accommodate future development of the airport. This scope is required to accommodate taxiway construction and includes, but may not be limited to the following key scope items:
    1. Sky Harbor Boulevard – lower eastbound (EB) and westbound (WB) lanes below new taxiway and shift lanes south to accommodate construction phasing. New roadway profiles will also accommodate future Taxiway V.
    2. Buckeye Road – lower all lanes below new taxiway along existing alignment. Reconstruct and straighten the intersection, at marker 2750, with Sky Harbor Boulevard EB along the Buckeye Road alignment to improve traffic flows.
  4. Crossfield Taxiway, Airside Pavement and Structures – The new Taxiway U will extend from existing Taxiway D on the south airfield to Taxiway C on the north airfield and will accommodate Group VI aircraft. In addition to the taxiway, modifications to airfield pavement may be required where Taxiway U meets Taxiway D to provide for an indirect aircraft turning movement at Taxiway D.  Other notable features include:
    1. A bridge structure to carry the taxiway over relocated Sky Harbor Boulevard and Buckeye Road.
    2. Retaining structures to carry the south airside service road below the taxiway will consist of a single span structure.
    3. The north airside service road will be incorporated in the main bridge structure.
  5. Utility Relocations and Accommodations – Taxiway U will impact utilities along the alignment and within other scope modifications. Relocation of all impacted utilities along Sky Harbor Boulevard and Buckeye Road to new utility corridors along the new roadway alignments will be required. In addition to these utilities, it is anticipated that utility work will be required at Air Cargo and the impacted Facilities and Services Complex.  Affected utilities include:
    1. Waterline loops
    2. Sanitary sewer lines
    3. Storm drain systems
    4. SW Gas line
    5. APS power feeds (converting underground)
    6. CenturyLink communications lines
    7. City of Phoenix Communications

Project will be delivered in 3 GMPs as follows (subject to change):

  1. GMP 1:
    1. New Air Cargo transformers and feed
    2. Pavement South of Sky Train for GSE/Cardinals lot
    3. Modification for Cargo build D
    4. Facilities and Services Employee lot
    5. Fence modifications east of Building A (to create aircraft spaces)
    6. Roadway Demo/early excavation plan
    7. Landscape plant inventory and salvage plan.
  2. GMP 2:
    1. Roadway Plans in flood field
    2. North Bridge complete
    3. Utilities (wet and dry)
    4. Modifications to Cargo Building C
    5. Modifications to Cargo Building A
    6. Storm drainage improvements associated with Roadways
    7. Facilities and Service visitors lot
  3. GMP 3:
    1. Taxiway final design
    2. South Service road and walls
    3. South Service Road Bridge
    4. Modification to south Faculties yard
    5. Signage
    6. Lighting
    7. Landscaping

Bidding Opportunities

Add bidding opportunities will be coordinated through Building Connected.

(include resources/links to access or sign up for building connected)

Scope Opportunities


  • Aggregates (Roadway, Airfield, Concrete Aggs)
  • Cement
  • Fly Ash
  • Admixtures
  • PCCP Concrete Accessories (Dowl Bars, Cure, Baskets, etc.)
  • Precast (Catch Basins, Manholes, Vaults)
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP)
  • Ready Mix
  • Piping Materials
  • Earthwork Disposal
  • Precast Girders (supply & set)
  • Bearing pads
  • Deck Joints / Approach Angle


  • AC Paving
  • Demolition
  • Electrical (Building, Airfield, Signals, Street Lighting, High Mast Lighting, Duct Banks)
  • Sweeping
  • Water Truck
  • Trucking
  • Demo Saw Cutting
  • Saw and Seal
  • Pavement Markings (Airfield, Roadway, Parking Lot)
  • Utility Locating
  • Potholing
  • Reinforcing Steel (Supply & Install)
  • Utility Installation
  • Landscaping
  • Fencing (Wrought Iron, chain link, temp, temp airside perimeter)
  • Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
  • Temporary Concrete Barrier (TCB)
  • Gates (airside & restricted access)
  • Drilled Soldier Pile Wall
  • Soil Nail SOE
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Masonry (Screen Wall)
  • Building Trades:
    • Demolition
    • Electrical
    • Fire Projection
    • Glass & Glazing
    • Hollow Metal Doors / Rollup Doors
    • Drywall & Framing
    • Structural Steel
    • Plumbing & Mechanical
    • Painting
    • Masonry
    • Acoustical Ceiling
    • Fencing
    • Insulation & Roofing

SBE / DBE Support & Resources

Timing / Schedule

*Dates shown below are tentative, pending environmental assessment. 

  • GMP 1
    • Bidding – Q4 2023
    • Start Construction – Q1 2024
  • GMP 2
    • Bidding – Q1 2024
    • Start Construction Q2 2024
  • GMP 3
    • Bidding – Q2 2024
    • Start Construction – Q3 2024
  • Project Construction through early/mid-2027



Outreach Events


  • 1/11/2024 – GMP 2 Pre-bid Meeting


June 2023 - Taxiway U and T3N2 Outreach Event

Our Team

The Taxiway U team is comprised of Kiewit as the CMAR contractor and Gannett Fleming as the lead designer. The City of Phoenix as the owner with the Aviation DCS Department managing the project.
* All renderings provided by Gannett Fleming


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