As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, Kiewit continues to make adjustments to its practices and policies to protect the health of our employees and those we work with at our projects and office locations, while providing essential construction services to our clients and the public.

The following actions have been taken to help our company prepare for and actively manage this issue.

Kiewit's ongoing COVID-19 response

  • We strongly encourage employees to get COVID-19 vaccines. We helped our essential workers in key geographies get access to
    vaccines as soon as that was possible, partnering with local government, medical and pharmacy organizations to support those
    efforts. With those same organizations as vaccine distribution increased, we set up clinics to make access easier for employees
    and their families. We also developed extensive educational information, such as a vaccine toolkit and video series with
    employee peers, medical experts and community leaders, to address concerns and help people understand vaccine benefits.
    We also established an easy-to-use “vaccine tracker” to help us understand when employees and subcontractors are getting
  • We have worked closely with employees, subcontractors, suppliers, owners and others to ensure that anyone who is ill or
    believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 refrain from entering or remaining at our locations. This includes, in some
    locations, requiring pre-and post-access health questions and pre-access and periodic temperature screening. We have also
    restricted visitor access.
  • We developed protocols, procedures and best practices to ensure employees practice recommended social distancing
    (separation of 6 feet/2 meters or more) to the extent possible, including protocols for transporting personnel on job sites, using
    busing/shuttles, driving/riding in company trucks, vans and buses and for returning to office locations. We are providing surgical
    masks and eye protection for closer-proximity activities to ensure the safety of personnel, and other hand and face-protection
    tools. We are also providing face coverings to employees who desire them, or where government mandates or site-specific plans
    require them.
  • Employees are required to practice proper hygiene, and we have provided soap, running water and/or hand sanitizer throughout
    each location for this purpose. We have also significantly increased communications, signage and oversight of personal hygiene
    requirements to drive better prevention practices.
  • With guidance from leading industrial hygienists, we implemented more stringent cleaning and hygiene protocols and developed
    disinfecting and specific viral contamination protocols to address confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 exposures. We also
    developed more stringent tool, vehicle and equipment cleaning protocols.
  • We established dedicated processes and personnel to closely track and communicate all confirmed and presumptive positive
    COVID-19 cases, and implement strict cleaning, quarantine and return to work protocols. Personnel have been trained to use
    detailed exposure intake questionnaires to document these issues. Any employee who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
    (primary symptoms include: fever of 100.4F/38C or above, coughing, shortness of breath, or a sudden loss of taste or smell with
    no other explanation) or who believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 are directed to call Kiewit’s full-service HR support center.
  • Each location has implemented COVID-19 pandemic response and reopening plans. A site-specific COVID-19 coordinator has
    been identified to ensure company protocols are adhered to, including social distancing and hygiene requirements.
  • Safety/toolbox training on the various provisions of the project COVID-19 pandemic response plan takes place on project startup
    and remobilization. Refresher training also takes place periodically during the life of the project.
  • We established a robust, regularly updated COVID-19 information hub with important communications, regularly updated
    protocols, business planning tools, best practices, signage/flyers and other resources.
  • We are fully engaged in active and ongoing monitoring of this issue, including disease progression, federal, state, provincial and
    local government actions, CDC and WHO responses, supplier and supply chain risks, and prevention and containment measures
    to maintain business operations. This includes ongoing communications with leading health experts and public officials.

Thank you for your continued support of our company. We wish good health and safety to all our business partners and their employees and families.