Carbon Capture

Clearing a path to carbon neutrality

As green initiatives continue to become more viable solutions, retrofitting facilities for carbon capture is more accessible than ever before. From coal-fired power generation and ethanol plants to steel and cement mills, carbon capture offers a viable solution for reaching your sustainability goals. By augmenting the existing infrastructure, carbon capture can reduce emissions by as much as 95%.


For projects of all sizes and complexities, we offer scalability and flexibility of project delivery methods, up to full EPCC delivery. Our technology-neutral approach is designed to accommodate all scenarios and quickly adapt to new technology innovations. Our goal is to provide best-for-project solutions for our clients and partners such as project developers, integrated oil and gas companies, manufacturers, independent power producers and utilities.


By leveraging over a century’s worth of self-perform construction experience, we take a construction-focused approach to engineering and design, prioritizing successful project delivery that avoids costly changes during execution.


Our fully integrated, purpose-built teams bring together engineering and execution professionals with experience working on sites of all sizes and complexities. We customize our project organizations based on specific project needs, selecting each team to provide our clients with the best personnel for their specific job.


Kiewit’s long track record of delivering world-class energy projects has resulted in an extensive network of strong relationships with technology partners, financial institutions, industry organizations, suppliers and peers, allowing us to integrate and partner efficiently to seamlessly execute every component of project development, bringing best-value projects to market efficiently.


Kiewit has long-standing relationships with major technology providers for commercially proven carbon capture technologies, allowing us to provide the best fit-for-application solution for all facility types and carbonreduction objectives.


  • Pre-combustion
  • Gathering / purification
  • Post-combustion
  • Compression
  • Direct Air Capture
  • Utilization

Customized Commercial Solutions

From concept to commercial operation, Kiewit customizes our services to each client’s goals and objectives, and with a wealth of experience delivering carbon capture projects, we are well-equipped to support at any stage of the project lifecycle. Our experience includes amine, solid sorbent, cryogenic and direct air capture, as well as product enhancements that reduce cost like exhaust gas recirculation, process intensification, carbon intensity analysis and offset strategies. No matter the scope, Kiewit can perform technology evaluation and selection, feasibility studies and front-end engineering design to full EPCC to fit your needs.

Environmental Permitting

Our environmental permitting and compliance experts and experience span North America, supporting clients through all phases of the project lifecycle. This includes permit identification, strategy and schedule for permit acquisition, support during the permit review and approval process, compliance plans for execution based on issued permits and implementing and auditing on-site compliance programs.

Brownfield Site / Retrofit

Our team is staffed by experts experienced in the unique complexities of brownfield and retrofit projects. We bring in-house resources to execute most aspects of site development including onsite work and development, utility identification, facility tie-ins, outage planning and geospatial and inspection services. These resources drive cost and schedule certainty, and allow for uninterrupted operations to existing facilities.

Due Diligence Reporting

With a foundation of EPCC experience built over decades, our specialized team of CCUS personnel perform complete project viability assessments. By acting as an advisor on a project-specific basis, we can provide you with critical information to make informed decisions. This includes technical risk evaluations, assessment of probable cost and schedule analysis.

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