Carbon Capture

Clearing a path to carbon neutrality

As green initiatives continue to become more viable solutions, retrofitting facilities for carbon capture is more accessible than ever before. From coal-fired power generation and ethanol plants to steel and cement mills, carbon capture offers a viable solution for reaching your sustainability goals. By augmenting the existing infrastructure, carbon capture can reduce emissions by as much as 95%.

The greatest innovation since the steam engine

As recently as 2019, the 51 carbon capture facilities worldwide estimate to capture 96 million tons of CO2 annually. The largest of these facilities, NRG’s Petra Nova at the WA Parish Generating Station, was engineered, procured and constructed by Kiewit and its partners.

Inside Petra Nova: The world’s largest post-combustion carbon capture facility

Federal carbon capture tax incentives return up to $50 per metric ton of carbon for permanent sequestration.

Secure the future of your facility 

The wrong solution can compromise your long-term viability. Kiewit’s carbon capture experts bring unrivaled market experience that delivers a realistic and achievable roadmap for your initiative. From securing federal funding through 45Q tax credits to FEED study planning and project execution, Kiewit’s trusted advisors contribute first-hand experience to every step of the process.

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