Coal Retrofit

Kiewit has tackled more than 200 air quality control retrofit, coal combustion residuals (CCR) remediation and carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects. Our engineers understand what it takes to keep coal units running strong while adding remediation technologies. We also provide comprehensive decommissioning studies, plan development and program management that considers the impacts on shared systems of connected units. We are fully ready to help you determine the best course of action, manage regulatory issues and foresee potential problems to avoid delays, cost overruns and violations.

Carbon Capture

With the emergence of effective carbon capture technology, oil, gas and chemical; power; and industrial facilities can now reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95 percent. Kiewit has been a partner on a variety of emissions reduction projects, offering engineering and construction expertise from feasibility studies through detailed design and project execution that keeps your plant operational during the project while greatly reducing its environmental impact. We have been actively supporting early-stage technology R&D for amine, solid sorbent, cryogenic and direct air capture (DAC) in addition to the well-established capture technologies.